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Process Serving . Investigations . Skip Tracing . Child Support Enforcement and More...

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NATIONWIDE PROCESS SERVERS Getting the job done right...

For over 30 years we have been delivering exceptional service to our clients. Armed with a diverse and skilled group of educated and government trained investigators, former law enforcement officers and agents, our goal is to inform you (the general public) with insight about the services we provide:

  • Process Serving
  • Investigations
  • Skip Tracing
  • Child Support Enforcement
  • Asset Searching
  • And more...

Employment Locator, Bank Account Locator, Landlord Tenant Issues, Missing Person(s), Tax Sales (Judicial Notice), Court Filing, Accidental Death, Homicide and much more... These are service that will be needed by all people, at some point in their lives, and when these services are required, you will need them done with diligent, integrity, accuracy and momentum. 

Not withstanding the fact that you will also need experienced Process Servers, Investigators and legal professionals to make your encounter successful. Constable Court Services is lead by an accomplish and former federal law enforcement officer /agent with a wealth of investigative skillful training and education. Who has attune CCS with other former federal and local officers to form a qualified pool of competent investigators to preform these task. Call today to schedule your next service... (888) 364-7774

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  • Process Serving
  • Civil Rights Investigation
  • People Search
  • Employment Locator
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  • Banking Locator
  • Surveillance
  • Child Support Enforcement
  • Collection and Recovery
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  • Landlord Tenant
  • Skip Tracing
  • Missing Person
  • Accidental Death
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  • Foreclosure - Judicial Notice
  • Tax Sales
  • Court Filing
  • Asset Search
  • More...


Providing nationwide service to families across the nation...

Helping and assisting with establishing paternity, locating individuals for DNA testing, serving court orders and motions and enforcing payment derived from a valid court order for support. Let Constable Court Services help you today...


The scope of what we will investigate...

Our office will investigate allegations of Human and Civil Rights Violations, Domestic Matters, Accidental Death and more within the jurisdiction of the United States. As supporters of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we too believe in equal human freedoms for everyone. Rendering assistance in Criminal, Civil, Child Support, Homicide, Wrongful Death matters and more. Teamed with competent law firms to provide a more comprehensive and complete legal remedy for your protection and compensation.


Best nationwide people finder service...

Skip tracing is the term use to locate someone who has move or left their normal place of abode (residence). As in skip town, skipping out or jumping bail. Tracing is the process use to find or locate the person of interest. Tracking devices are also useful in locating equipment, vehicles and people who absconder from the law, legal matter and debts. Residence Place of Employment, Social Security Number Verification, Credit Report, Telephone Number, Much More...


Serving court documents across the nation...

Where do you go when the courts stop assisting you after the Default Judgment. Most Attorneys stop there too. How do you get your money? We track banking information and locate employers to assist in the wage garnishment and lien process. Constable Court Services, we understanding your bottom-line, ... reimbursement. Call today...

Call today for an immediate response 888.364.7774
For over 30 years we have been an essential resource to some of the worlds largest and most prestigious law firms. Managed by a seasoned Attorney and experience Investigator, we bring a combination of 35 years of experience in gathering information and producing answers on a federal and local circuit. We engage business on an international level and use the most advanced technology pioneered to achieve your goal. Automated email updates, e-filing, e-forms, tracking service and alerts, making you always the first to know.


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