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Constable Court Services provides a wide range of judicial services in the United States, Canada and Germany at a reasonable rate. With daily delivery to the Secretary of State, Federal Government, Local and Educational Institutions daily. Same day service and rush service is available with e-filing throughout the country with participating jurisdiction. For immediate assistance please call (888) 364-7774 or go on our home page and schedule service. You may also chat online with a representative.Read More


With over 25 years of service with Federal and Local Government services as a Law Enforcement Officer, Police Officer, Investigator and Agent we have acquired knowledge, excellent innovation and technology that we used to locate Defendant(s) and Persons of Interest. Detecting and pinpointing Litigants across the country. Our success and notability is attributed to our years of experience and hard working. We are the future in Skip Tracing and information gathering, to emerge as the comprehensive resource in the world. Let us help you find your next person of interest.


As an experience Child Support Enforcement Agent we are able to assist in helping to establish paternity seeking out individuals order to submit to DNA Testing. Uncovering employment, banking institutions, assets and so much more. Requesting license suspensions, bestow and enforce liens and levy's on equipment and property, and so much more. Aiding the custodial parent in enforcing any and all court orders and show cause(s) for payment of support. Come so what we can do for you.


We are the future in process serving and investigations, manifesting new technology in to plausible techniques and ideas to resolve and answer questions on relevant issues. From forensics to bio-metric analysis, information technology will help merge the gaps needed to discover answers and solve cases. Our goal is to be a prime source of new innovation which provides information either through scientific notation or physical factors supporting or disproving evidence. Contact us today and see how we can help... (888) 364-7774


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