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11 Out Of 12 Atlanta Public School Teachers Found Guilty...

On April 1st, 2015 a jury of six men and six women found 11 out of 12 Atlanta Public School Teachers guilty of racketeering and other crimes that rock and shock its school system. The eleven could face up to 20 years in jail at sentencing.

The trial stretched five months with 162 witnesses who took the stand. Thousands of pages of testimony was introduced. Closing arguments lasted three days. The former educators are accused of conspiring to change answers on the 2009 CRCT to artificially inflate scores to satisfy federal benchmarks. The prosecution said bonuses and raises were awarded based on test scores.

Under the Georgia RICO Law - which is often used when a legal business is being used for illegal means. This law was designed to prosecute those involved in drug trafficking or organized crime. Some of this teachers where prosecute under that law.

Of the 35 Teachers indicted, 34 Teachers in all were found guilty and I acquitted of all charges. Read More...


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