Baltimore Police Department Worst Leadership To Date…

Maryland-Transit-AuthorityAs much as a want to support my Fellow Officers, there comes a time for confession and truth. Even though the situation concerning the death of Freddie Gray slipped into a deplorable and tragic outcome, this outcome is not without instigation initiated by Baltimore City Police Department. Government Officials are always quick to shift the blame when dealing with unjustifiable deaths committed by their Officers. The truth is that the majority of deaths caused by Police Officers are committed on African American people.

Let’s take a look into the demographics of the United States population. The world consist of 196 counties, if you include Taiwan. The United States human population is represented by each of those counties. With such a diverse culture and mixture of people, why is the Black Race, which makes up 13.2% of the human race the primary target of Police Departments across the country. 87% of the population is non-black.

How can you explain such a deliberate, calculated, premeditated defined choice to willfully single out a particular race of human being to reek havoc on. Today’s criminal assembly and free-for-all could not have been more predictable.


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