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US Flag 5We routinely service federal and state agency's daily by serving Authorized Designee's, Authorized Agents, Registered Agents or a person(s) authorized by law or appointed to accept service of process on behalf of the agency. Call today for same day service.

Process ServerMake no doubt about it, we understanding what’s at stake. Ensuring that proper service is executed to give the court(s) the jurisdiction to hear your case and render a disposition is our number one priority; we will staying with your case until a judgment or disposition is rendered.

Contact UsHelping you where others stop. What’s most unique about our service is our ability track assets, bank accounts and employment to get you compensation. Let our accomplished and skilled Investigators help to win your trust. Asked our staff to show you the money...

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MoneyWhen proper service of process is initiated, it establishes jurisdiction for the courts to be able to hear the case and render a disposition.  If the Defendant ignores these pleadings or fails to participate in the proceedings, the court can make a decision in the Defendants absence which may end a default by the Defendant and awarding restitution to the Plaintiff in the form a judgment.  In most cases, compensation is also awarded. The defendant has a right to contest the default judgment within a specific  amount of time set by the court.

The proceeding for each jurisdiction is slightly different regarding appropriate service of process. Laws vary in response to weather service must be executed  personally, or substitute residential. This means that service can be execute on another person, who lives in domicile that the same address, and who is of suitable age by law who can accept that court document.

Contact UsConstable Court Services is trained and familiar with all laws that govern the service of process in Maryland, as we preform these duties everyday, thousands of times a year. We are the Industry Leader in Process Serving in Maryland and are available to help you. Call us today at (888) 364-7774...


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