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Obama Squares Off with DOJ - Lynch, About Guantanmo...


Guantanamo Prisoners
Blog Editor

The question to close Guantanamo Bay becomes a throne in the side of the United States. Is it really necessary to maintain this post, or has recent diplomacy with the Cuban Government played a major role in the future existence of Guantanamo? President Obama has vowed to close the base on his watch but is it prudent to do so. Where will America place its terrorist? For those Americans paying close attention to this futile decision, are trying to understand and comprehend the fear of bringing terrorist to America to be housed in Federal and State Prisons. The severity of mixing American prisons with Prisoners of Foreign War is a disaster waiting to happen. 

However, the subject matter in this article covers, "Is it lawful to have Guantanamo Prisons plead guilty on video or in a physical trial." Read More

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