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Let’s begin by understanding how does skip tracing work? First, skip tracing is a tool or resource used to locate information on a person of interest. Most people would asked, what type of information does skip tracing provide? A comprehensive source would be able to:

Confirm Social Security Numbers

Date of Birth

Last known address and any previous addresses associated with the person sought.

Motor Vehicle Information

Professional License Information

Physical Assets

Banks and Financial Institutions

Employment Information

Much More…

This information is used by Attorneys, Private Investigators, Detectives, Police, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions just to name a few, to establish credit, identity, government benefits and so much more. This type of information in the wrong hands is a detriment to the person(s) information discovered.

It is important to check your credit score and report often to stay familiar with what appears on it. Any early inquiry or jump could help you to defuse identity fraud and abuse. Some people hire Detectives and Investigators to do their dirty work by trying to obtain information by fraudulent means. Most Investigators and Detectives are smart enough to know when people are trying to use them for fraudulent means.

For more information contact:

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