“Implosive Incomprehension,” Trump Fire FBI Director…

The First 203 Days of Presidency Reflects The Chaotic Destruction And Downfall of the United States Intelligence and Law Enforcement Infrastructure. How Vulnerable Is The Country?
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In the midst of the most tumultuous and bizarre presidential cabinet in modern United States history, we the people, are about to witnesses the collapse of American Government as we know and understand it to be.

At the commencement of Donald Trump's Presidency as Commander-in-chief, we witnessed the resignation of James R. Clapper, as the Director of National Intelligence. This is a post that Clapper held from 2010-2017. Among other things Jim Clapper held several other key positions within the the United States Intelligence Community, serving as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Director of the National Geo-Spacial Intelligence Agency and the Under Secretary of Defense Intelligence. Jim Clapper dedicated over 52 years of his life to federal service and this nation; making him the authority when it comes to intelligence. His tenure ended with his resignation from office in 2017.

Now comes, James B Comey, a lawyer and bright hopeful for American Justice as the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Comey also served as the United States Attorney for New York - Southern District from 2002 to 2003, US Deputy Attorney General from 2003 - 2005 and the No. 2 ranking official at the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) in-charge of day-to-day operations. As a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School in 1985, Comey went on to have great success as an attorney an General Counsel for Lockhead Martin, Board of Directors at HSBC and so many other accolades too boundless to mention them all.

I sincerely apologize if I missed any significant periods of success for James Clapper or James Comey, but this article is not an outline or biography for either of them. The intended purpose of this article is to illustrate and point out the posture and state of our union. Merriam-Webster defines dilapidation as: the fallen into partial ruin especially through neglect or misuse. What an accurate and complete depiction of the current disposition of government. Never before has the U.S. Congress had to work so diligently to procure the indiscretion of its leader. 

For the last 8 years, the Intelligence Community, has suffered at the hands of presidential leadership. Former President Barrack Obama took office with the idea of having a transparent government. His ideas of transparency extended to the intelligence community, where the President made public, the Department of Defenses interrogation procedures. Every intelligence agency in the world took notes as the US Intelligence Community dirty laundry was aired by a very reliable source, the commander-in-chief. Blowing the roof off the way intelligence does business through-out the world and making the term plausible deniability as worthless as the copper penny, for those in key government leadership positions. 

The current President wants to suppress, silence and ignore any recommendations by law enforcement and intelligence, and we all have to ask ourselves, why - is it because of Trump's possible involvement with Russia. Trump's demeanor and attitude conveys a lot about his character - and right now, his character resembles the profile of a criminal adversary who uses every maneuver at his disposal to segment and control what he/she does not want revealed to the public. That is an identical example of what type of people the Federal Bureau of Investigates and  scrutinizes. The firing of James Comey is the biggest obstruction of justice and abuse of power, since the Nixon's Era. Americans, who have reach the age of 50 can recall when former President Richard Nixon scrambled so diligently to cover his tracks in the "Watergate Scandal," which later caused him to be impeached, and lead to his resignation. Nixon too, fired Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox, but Attorney General Elliot Richardson refused to carry out the order. Congress must act now to resolve this miscarriage of justice for the sake of the american people.

As the world looks on, at the blunders and incomprehension of this president, I can't help but wonder, how does the conservatives, and middle of the road voters, see their new president. We don't have to imagine how African-American and Latino American voters view the posture of the president, it is express on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so many other media feeds as they brace for the negative impact his budgetary cuts. His campaign seems to give validity and credence to racial hatred, gender inequality, age discrimination and the exploitation of impoverished and destitute american's who he has used to build his empire, but now - wishes to cut off their life line.  

With over 120 days into his campaign, their are still voters who are enthusiastic about a non-politician to run the country, and who still feel that Trump is the man to do the job. Even-though, Gallup reflects that "Trumps" Presidential Approval Rating is at 39%, the lowest of any president to hold office for such a short period of time. There are still other voters who are starting to mull over his political competency to understand what the american people really need. Nonetheless, the bigger picture isn't enough discussed in this article, and that all lies with Congress.

While Trump steams forward with his budgetary cuts that would reign terror on all United States Citizens, Congress takes on the posture of being able to buffer and shield themselves with perks, profits and benefits, for-which they have not earned. Benefits, that will safeguard their salaries, family welfare and health benefits for the rest of their lives, [while at the same time allowing Trump to do their devilish bidding]. Congress has no moral compos, and would gladly allow Trump to act out on what they already believe. Don't believe for one minute, that many of your Congress-person(s) haven't already conceded to mimicking Trumps budget proposal and would sign it, in its entirety, [Not changing one word].

All soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who have served the United States by, giving their most precious possession [their lives], do not have these subsequent benefits of Congress. American government has coin the term "Thank you for your service," but are really saying, the band-aids are in the top draw, have a good life.

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