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Man shoots at Process Server

Re-Published and updated by: Constable Court Services - Anthony Barnes 05/30/2016

Christian Shenk who we remember as an angry recipient of court documents, served by a civil process server, retaliated in the worst imaginable way. It was reported, that Shenk went into his garage and emerge with a rifle, firing several shots into the victim's car.

On August 8th, 2016, Shenk is scheduled to appear in court in Carroll County and is facing Attempted Murder 2nd Degree, Assault 1st Degree, Firearm Use / Felony / Violent Crime, and Reckless Endangerment. The Firearm Use is in the commission of a serious violent crime which makes it a felony. Shenk who is 41 could face life in prison if convicted. He is represented by counsel and is currently out on 100k bond. This serves as an alert to Process Servers everywhere, be mindful of the people you serve because you never know what's in another person's heart or what's on their mind.

Re-introduced Constable Court Services - Director Anthony Barnes 05/30/2016

Christian Shenk
This story originally published by: writer Saliqa Khan
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