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Serving the great State of Maryland with International and Nationwide Service
Maryland Process Servers

People 9Constable Court Services is Maryland's premier choice for Maryland Process Server, offering service nationwide and internationally. We bring you over 30 years of experience serving court documents in Maryland and abroad. A Law Firms who uses a process serving company that is just reliable and dependable is primitive, that alone is the minimal standard for conducting business. We offer innovation... from GPS tracking, case status, same day service and more, but that is still not enough. Our button line is results... Execution of Service. Let's face the facts, case status without executions means very little to your clients. In actuality, without execution, your relationship with that client can best be determine from the rear-view window of a car. Gone...

Let Constable Court Services, provide you with full service, commencing with accurately locating the Defendant, gathering pertain information on that person of interest, and executing service of process. After successful judgment is acquired, we continue ahead with information gathering, on employer(s), assets and financial institution(s). We leave nothing to chance, reaching beyond to accomplish your goals. If this sounds like the way you conduct business, then the choice is clear, call today for same day service. (888) 364-7774

Proper Execution
Summons 2Make no doubt about it, Constable Court Services understands what’s at stake. Ensuring that proper service is executed by our Maryland Process Servers to give the court(s) the jurisdiction to hear your case and render a disposition; Constable Services will staying with your case until a judgment or disposition is rendered. When proper service of process is initiated, it establishes jurisdiction for the courts to be able to hear the case and render a disposition.  If the Defendant ignores these pleadings or fails to participate in the proceedings, the court can make a decision in the Defendants absence which may end a default by the Defendant and awarding restitution to the Plaintiff in the form a judgment.  In most cases, compensation is also awarded. The defendant has a right to contest the default judgment within a specific  amount of time set by the court.

Your Money Is At Stake
Services 1Make no doubt about it, we understanding what’s at stake. Ensuring that proper service is executed to give the court(s) the jurisdiction to hear your case and render a disposition; we will staying with your case until a judgment or disposition is rendered.

Constable Court Services is trained and familiar with all laws that govern the service of process in Maryland, as we preform these duties everyday, thousands of times a year. We are the Industry Leader in Process Serving in Maryland and are available to help you. Call us today at (888) 364-7774...

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Constable Court Services

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Maryland Judicial Notice

Business Law
Civil Rights Law
Criminal Law
Family Law
Real Estate Law
Serving Judicial Notice in:
  • Litigation Matters
  • Business Disputes
  • Individual Liability
  • Bank Liens and Levy's 
As Civil Rights Investigators, we review:
  • EEOC Claims
  • Serve Summons and Subpoenas in areas involving discrimination
  • Unfair practices of rights and liberties
  • Unfair Housing Issues
  • Unfair Employment Issues
  • Infringement of entitlements
We can assist by:
  • Serving court documents to your person-of-interest
  • Violation of Individual Liberties
  • Investigation Government sanctioned illegal behavior
We can assist with:
  • Child Support Enforcement 
  • Serve Divorce Documents
  • Child Welfare Matters
  • Child Abduction
  • Establishing Paternity


We can help in:
  • Probate Claims 
  • Serving Notice in Tax Sales
  • Serving Notice in Foreclosures
  • Landlord Tenant Matters

Other Services


We provide a wide range of Judicial Services Nationwide and Internationally

Providing comprehensive and accurate information for your person-of-interest nationwide

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One of the largest trackers and enforcer of Child Support in the United States...

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We can help you find court forms and other relevant documents right on our website.
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Comprehensive and competent investigative services from background scope to criminal reports.  
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