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Nationwide Process Server vs Process Server (Local)

A Nationwide Process Server has a team or an association with other process servers to get service of process executed all over the country. This does not mean that that the service is great or even effective, but it does work. After the service is executed, the success gives the Process Serving Company a boost in reputation.  This sounds like the way to go when choosing a process server, but don’t be fooled. What if service was not completed or effected on the correct address or party. The damage done by someone else can make you appear incompetent. The truth of the matter is that nationwide process servers don’t want you to know that they truly don’t have control over others when using a nationwide or national circle to get service accomplished. Do your homework, Good luck…

Local Process Serving companies or individuals who serve process are people who totally rely on the work they receive from local firms to stay in business. They put a tremendous amount of effort into effecting service. Their due diligence is carried out at a higher percentage than national or nationwide companies. These guys also seem to be the way to go. But, they lack intensity and knowledge. Their resources and databases are minimal and when things go wrong, the entire operation shuts down. Their intentions are good but the job has to get done.

The key to getting the best service is to have hire multiple companies that you use to get the best bang for your buck. Stop looking at those front page companies who pay for ranking and optimization, seek websites that have a tremendous amount of information. You should not be able to breeze through a website at a glance. Don’t be lazy, get ready to read…

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