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Simple the best informational resources in the the United States... Produces prompt information at an affordable price. Phenomenal results for banking locator!
Ford Law Lawyer / Washington DC


Surveillance-1Our Skip Tracing Service provides the most comprehensive, investigative tracking resource ever engineered. We find the most elusive people in world. However that is not all that skip tracing means to Constable Court Services. We are highly skilled and competent investigators who verify information accuracy. This is what makes our services incomparable... When we say we are the Industry Leader, you can go check for yourselves how many skip tracing companies who can find bank accounts. Gathering information from a database and selling it to the Client is a long way from be an effective professional in the Skip Tracing Industry.

Process Serving Companies are not skip tracers. They buy information from 2nd and 3rd party vendors who whole-sells the information for a fee. They don't have the experience to verify or confirm what they have sold to you. We meet and stand face-to-face with your party of interest. Expelling information from them through actual interaction with your person-of-interest.

 However, information sharing has evolved louring individuals and "Mom and Pop" shops in the business of becoming a skip tracer. We are called to fix a lot of discrepancies in other cases due to inaccurate information being distributed. Have your case professionally handled by Constable Court Services. "Serving the Community wherever they may be."
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A Tracker or Skip Tracer uses information sharing to locate people with such tools as:



  • Phone Database
  • Utility Bills
  • Court Records
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Loan Applications
  • Credit Reports
  • Debt Collection Databases
  • Social Media Sites
  • Discarded Trash

Just to name a few of the resources that are used to gather information. .


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