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Obama Refer to Baltimore Youth As Thugs…

ObamaWith all of the Secret Service and Department of Defense Police gathered around the President everyday may have given him a false sense of security. While addressing the riots in Baltimore City, the President referred to our African American youth as thugs. The injustice that black youth face today is beyond reasonable comprehension. I can admit that my childhood years was never like the issues they face today. None of the promises that you (Mr. President) set forth for the Citizens of the United States, during your campaigning, made it to the hood. Our youth have built a resiliency to the promises that adults make to them.

They lack:

  1. An educational system that would place sincere focus on learning; rather than a test driven system that causes school officials to have to cheat in order to remain employed.
  2. Programs that reintroduce recess and physical education.
  3. Programs that would allow the use of the school gymnasium, pools and other facilities for access other than intermediate sports.
  4. Funds for recreational centers; or access to school facilities that currently exist.
  5. Allocate fund that were originally indicated by state lottery to fund the schools.

Our children are not thugs, but they do lack resources that you take for granted.


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