Constable Court Services – On a routine day of execution of service in south Baltimore…


Crack-AddictGiven an assignment to serve a young African-American female in Baltimore seem rather route, considering that is the job I do for a living. My reputation is, “I always get my man,” or women for that matter. After a four month search for this individual, I knew that this was not going to be easy. I was given a tip by her previous employer concerning her address. Upon arriving, I had to assess the location before getting out of the car to approach the dwelling. Realistically, the neighborhood was like a “Dodge City” full of life with scores of young black males on every street corner. The neighborhood emulated the movie, “The Wire” which was filmed just blocks from where I sat. Make no doubt about it, the young people lived up to its reputation. Here they don’t need a reason to kill you, they just do it.

In the mist of everything going on, there sat two Baltimore City Police Officers in separate vehicles. As I exited my vehicle, I was wearing my uniform which immediately caught their attention. I thought, out of all the drug dealing going-on on this street, I am the one that looks suspicious. They followed me to the house and asked what I was doing. My response was, “I am serving a Summon.” From where I was sitting previously, there were at least 12 people to exit this house. When I approached the house there were 2 Black youth sitting on the steps that disbursed immediately. I knocked on the door and it swung open, and out came a cloud of marijuana smoke. Between the Officers and myself, we were sure to catch a contact from the density of the cloud that escaped. There in the hollow living room stood 8 black males between 18-26 years of age. Too stun to run and too high to care. After stepping in, I asked for the Defendant by name. One of the males goes to get her.

Out of the smokey haze appears a beautiful small and petite black young female about 21 years old. My first thought was, what are you doing in this “Crack House.” But the answer was obvious. I felt embarrassed at the demeanor of the youth inside, lord only know what the 2 white Officers standing behind me were thinking. I served her with documents concerning the taking of her child by Social Services and got out of the house. Nothing could be done about the marijuana because there was no warrant to enter the premise to begin with, but I surely appreciated the support of those Officers that day. I know that after a while, the impact of destitute and impoverish situations wears on the mentality. Such a constant and consistent negative encounter has to impact the Police’ opinion about black peoples demeanor and beliefs.

There is one issue that strains the understanding of Police Departments everywhere, how to determine or discern who is the law abiding African American People, and who are the No-Goods…





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