Process Serving 3Process Server Hours – The Laws in most States say that the Process Server should go to a person(s) home when they believe the Defendant to be there. Most Process Servers will go to a person(s) house or home once in the morning, again in the afternoon, and if necessary at night. This helps the Process Server to establish due diligence. A season or veteran process server will leave a card or a note. This not only helps to establish due diligence but serves as an indicated to the Process Server that his card or notice has been remove or displaced. For me to not get a response when I return, may mean that the person may avoid service. A Veteran Process Server can tell when a person is home, one way is to feel the hood of the car(s) in the driveway or parked directly in front of house. This works best in the winter. This does not hold true to apartment complexes. A warm or hot car is an indicator that someone is inside. It also may be an indicator that the car was recently moved. You will have to use your best judgment… Normally when the Process Server does not get a response at the dwelling during his or her standard visit, it may incline the Server to return to the address at a later time. The Process Server is allow to use their own discretion when for time of service.