The World Of Process Serving

Greetings to all Process Servers from around the world...

We are interested in how you feel and what issues that you are facing that effect the everyday job. There is no need to be modest because its about time that our voices are heard. Make no doubt about it, there is enough work to go around at  the presence time. The market is getting saturated but that is because more people are trying to run their own business in these days in time. However, if your smart, you can always find, or design a way to stay ahead of the game. I would love to hear from each and everyone of you. Big, Medium and Small companies alike lets talk. Individuals, representative you guys are the most important part of this business. There are some vital issues to stay strong as an industry and I would like to share somethings with you so that we can stay strong and grow. Old timers, its time to talk about retire plans and selling our businesses to the younger ambitious guys coming up.

The floor is now open, bring your thoughts here so we can grow with the rest of the world. Thanks...

"We are still serving the people wherever they may be."



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