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Sheriff Says, "Black Lives Matter Rhetoric Endangering Police." 

Sheriff Clark Opinions Not Supported By Facts...
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Recently Sherriff Clarke of Milwaukee WI appeared on CNN with Don Lemon. Understandably upset about what he stated was anti-police rhetoric surrounding the deaths in the Baton Rouge Louisiana and Dallas Texas shootings of police, Clarke conversation with Lemon took a left turn.

I have a genuine and bound dislike for Sheriff Clarke's posture and points of view on most subjects. Although he is a brother that I love, but do not admire from time-to-time, he is entitled to his feelings. His recent statements made to Don Lemon (CNN) displayed anger and frustration, for which is supported by truth, but was done out of arrogance and privilege. Clarke used his position, the opportunity of television and the convenience of black journalism to enforce and display his sentiments of discontent for those protesting against police. (What a political power move).

Mr. Lemon is not the cause of his frustrations, nor is he a supporter of "Black Lives Matter." In the past, Sheriff Clarke has been wrong about the "Black Lives Matter Movement," and so many other issues. If you can recall, Clark stated that "There was no such thing as racism." However, the FBI Director (James Comey) said in a commencement speech, at a local University near Washington, DC, that the Bureau of Investigations had been aware for some time that White Supremacy Groups had infiltrated Law Enforcement for years. So with that said, I asked the question if there is no racism, why are white people marching in the "Black Lives Matter" protest? ITS NOT FOR EXERCISE...

However, if the BLM Movement is displaying hatred, discord or disrespect for another human being (Police Officers), I too condemn its actions and request a stop to the malicious actions against the police. BUT, I would be a hypocrite to not include putting and end to malicious actions against black people as well. The Police have well earned the hate of the American people, and with no urgency do they rush to the negotiation table to fix the problem. Why should we pay the salaries or the pensions of any group of government that imposes injustice on people of color?

Sheriff Clarke

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