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Ultimately you may have been unfortunate enough to be one of millions to have had an encounter with the Court System. Whether its is a traffic ticket, divorce case, child support or something else; you will come in contact with legal counsel who will use a Process Server, Court Officer (Marshal, Sheriff or Constable) to execute service. Sheriff's and Marshal's are limited in their attempts to serve your Defendant. In most cases, if your contact information for the defendant is not up-to-date, the likelihood is that defendant will not be served, but this is where a Process Server shines. A Process Server Company will be more persistent and diligent because that it their primary function. Remember that your case can not go forward without  the execution of service, halting all possibilities for progress. 

Finding your Person of Interest is imperative to getting some sort of resolution for your grievance. Not only can the Process Server or Investigator locate the individual or entity, but companies like Constable Court Services will help locate assets, bank accounts and employment. This information can be very valuable when it comes to reimbursement. An effective Process Server will have the proper skip tracer tools , skip tracer training and skip tracing resources to make your inquiring experience a successful one. 

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