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Constable-Car 300

We Serve Judicial Notice For:


Business Law
Civil Rights Law
Criminal Law
Family Law
Real Estate Law
  • Litigation Matters
  • Business Disputes
  • Individual Liability
  • Bank Liens and Levy's 
    • EEOC Claims
    • Serve Summons and Subpoenas in areas involving discrimination
    • Unfair practices of rights and liberties
    • Unfair Housing Issues
    • Unfair Employment Issues
    • Infringement of entitlements
    • Serving court documents to your person-of-interest
    • Violation of Individual Liberties
    • Investigation Government sanctioned illegal behavior
    • Child Support Enforcement 
    • Serve Divorce Documents
    • Child Welfare Matters
    • Child Abduction
    • Establishing Paternity


    • Probate Claims 
    • Serving Notice in Tax Sales
    • Serving Notice in Foreclosures
    • Landlord Tenant Matters

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