by: Anthony Barnes (Director of Constable Court Services) 5/27/2016
Some American People are in disbelief when it comes to Donald Trump being the Republic Nominee for President. How did he get their, some people are asking. The bottom lines is people cased their votes for him. The shocking truth is, folks share Trump's vision for america and that vision may shake the confidence of other countries currently doing business with the united states. 

Make no doubt about it, Trump understands business. With his knowledge of enterprising and the coincident that america, at the time, happens to be the largest purchaser of foreign goods in the world, will shift the pyrimidine. If  Trump does what he says, the re-construction by Trumps Cabinet would focus squarely on the issue of foreign trade, making renegotiation inevitable to commence his presidency. If I was a betting man, under Trumps Cabinet, I believe we would see more bang for the american buck at hand. With this sort of latitude, smaller countries could be at the mercy of the trade shift.

Other countries fearing that the traditional politician and traditional way business is conducted could be over, as Trump, might be unwavering and uncompromising final in many of his decisions. 

Predictions for the near future... Keep some money on hand and get ready to ride.

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