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How To Get My Court Documents To A Process Server Near Me?

Highly Trained And Experienced Professional Process Servers Available 24/7 serving Papers, Documents and Subpoenas

First, National, Network Of Nationwide Process Servers In The United States Has Expanded Internationally

Our Trained Court Servers Will Get Your Affidavits To The Clerk Of Courts Or Courthouse




We are the leading service of process and investigative services agency in the  industry. For over 30 years Constable Court Services has been delivering exceptional service to our clients around the country. There is no magic to what we do, it’s just simply ingenuity and hard work. Equipped with a diverse group of skilled, educated and government trained former law enforcement professionals whose work experience and knowledge will prove to be a valuable resource when using our services.

Our goal is to inform the general public with insight about our services and how that insight could help our Clients make better decisions. Using our resources could help save time and diminish loss revenue.

Our resources include  tools and information that can help resolve or verify information about Employment Locator, Bank Account Locator, Landlord Tenant Issues, Missing Person(s), Tax Sales (Judicial Notice), Court Filing, Accidental Death, Homicide etc., and much more. The services that we provide are standard legal services that all citizens will eventually encounter when dealing with the Judiciary System. Conveniently headquartered in the upper northwest side of Tensely town sector of Washington DC covering all 50 states and territories. Call today to schedule your next service. 

Experienced Service That You Can Trust

Call today to schedule your next service (888) 364-7774


  • Background Search
  • Skip Tracing
  • Surveillance
  • Data Research
  • People Finder


  • Divorce
  • Child Support 
  • Custody
  • Investigative Services
  • Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Electronic Filling
  • Process Serving
  • Small Claim Matters
  • Affidavit Filing
  • Constable Service
  • Eviction 
  • People Locator
  • Landlord Tenant Matters
  • Fraudulent Workers Compensation
  • Homicide
  • Assets Reasearch
  • Pre-employment Screening
  • Missing Person(s)


Best nationwide people finder service…

Skip tracing is the term used to locate someone who has move or left their normal place of abode (residence). As in skip town, skipping out or jumping bail. Tracing is the process use to find or locate the person of interest. Tracking devices are also useful in locating equipment, vehicles and people who absconder from the law, legal matter and debts. Residence Place of Employment, Social Security Number Verification, Credit Report, Telephone Number, Much More…


Serving court documents across the nation…

We service all 50 States, making attempts and completing service where others fail. You will be able to track the progress of our Process Server(s) attempts and completions. We can and will stay with your case  even after a Default Judgment is awarded. In most cases your Attorneys stop there. We continue on helping with the tracking banking information and locate employers to assist in the wage garnishment and lien process. Constable Court Services will be your best resource for collecting your money!


Providing nationwide service to families across the country…

Helping and assisting with establishing paternity, locating individuals for DNA testing, serving court orders and motions and enforcing payment derived from a valid court order for support. Let Constable Court Services help you today…


The scope of what we will investigate…

Our office will investigate allegations of Human and Civil Rights Violations, Domestic Matters, Accidental Death and more within the jurisdiction of the United States. As supporters of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we too believe in equal human freedoms for everyone. Rendering assistance in Criminal, Civil, Child Support, Homicide, Wrongful Death matters and more. Teamed with competent law firms to provide a more comprehensive and complete legal remedy for your protection and compensation.



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