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Constable Court Services
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WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE SERVED WITH COURT PAPERS WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE SERVED COURT PAPERS? Written by:November 18,2023CONSTABLE COURT SERVERSBy A. Barnes this situations is the initial or peliminary phase of a lawsuit Introduction: Receiving court papers can be an intimidating experience, but it’s important not to panic. Taking a moment to gather yourself and understand what you’ve

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You will be requied to turn in affidavits 24 hrs – 48 hrs hous after service has been completed. No exceptions other than verified unforeseen circumstances that have been verified by this office.

All contractors will be required to fill out a W9 indicating your status as an individual or business. Click the link below and fill out the fillable form and email it back to us.

All documents will be email to you. We understand that some files are large yielding compensation for the documents to be out.

If we have tecnical issues that prevent us from emailing you documents, then we will send them by mail to the address on file.

Communication is the name of the game, if you can’t be reached over an extended period of time, consider yourself terminated. We all have people we must answer to.



Phone: (888) 364-7774
Fax: (888) 529-0410

Process servers play a vital role in the legal system by ensuring that individuals receive legal notice and have the opportunity to respond to legal actions. If you are involved in a legal case and need to serve documents, it’s essential to hire a professional and experienced process server to ensure that the service is conducted accurately and in compliance with legal requirements.

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