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If you need a Process Server in your city or county, our process servers are available to serve your summons, supoena and all other court documents anywhere in your state.
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Note: The Court of Juridiction dictates the amount of time or the life of the court documents. Some jurisdictions, like the District of Columbia  grant the process servers up to 180 days to serve a paper. We are an agency that follow the instructions of the court.


Serving court documents anywhere in Indiana

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65.00 to 150.00

3 attempts made with 5 7 days


Additional to standard cost, with 3 attempts, first attempt with in 48 hours


Total cost with 3 attempts, first attempt made same day.


Constable Staff SecretaryBy Hiring Our Trained Process Servers Online You Get Fast And Easy Delivery Of Your Affidavits, Subpoena, Or Summons

With our commitment to excellence and cost-effectiveness, Maryland Court Process Servers strive to provide the highest level of service at competitive rates. When you choose our professional process servers in Maryland, you can trust that your legal documents are in capable hands, ensuring a smooth and successful process. .

PROCESS SERVINGUse Our Highly Trained & Experienced Professional Process Servers For The Best Service of Process

Our MD Process Servers are a national process serving company under Constable Court Services that has a 96% success rate with executing service of process within MD. This task making us the premier choice for serving documents nationwide. Note: Weather effects the mission with service of process in MD.

Hire A Maryland Process Server Near Me With The Best Buy And Easy Process To Get You Started Today.

Our affordable process servers in Maryland are your greatest investment because we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service that offers the best buy for your money. We understand the importance of efficient and reliable delivery of legal documents, and our expert process servers in Maryland  are dedicated to ensuring that every document is served accurately and promptly.  


Responsible for helping to collect over

Opioid Litigation
$ 1 B+

Dispatching over

Papers served in 2023

1st Nationwide Process Service

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Serving court documents and summons delivery in all 50 states

Are you trying to:

  • Locate the address of a Defendant or Person(s) of Interest?

  • Locate the employer to enforce or obtain a court order to garnish wages

  • Locate Banks and Financial Institutions to withhold or attach wages 

Constable Court Services Can help.

  • If you are trying to established paternity 
  • Get a court order served or enforced
  • Locate the non-custodial parent to enforce court order for wage garnishment.
  • Need to get DNA testing completed 

We can help!

Constable Court Services is led by a former Federal Law Enforcement Officer/Agent whose background is in intelligence. Yaling from the US Army and US Air Force, both on active duty, gave him his first start in law enforcement. He decided, after sitting around talking with some friends and comrades in the desert about what if, he concluded that he would get started with serving legal documents upon his return. 

He started out by working for some of the most notable Process Serving Companies in Maryland and Washington DC. He had entered at a time when Maryland and Washington DC Process Serving Companies were the pioneers of the industry in the United States. Legal documents from all over the nation were making their way to Washington DC, and make no doubt about it, a process server needed to know the laws for service of process from the requesting states. He opened his first office in the upscale neighbor of Wisconsin Ave NW Washington DC, in 2006 and was the first Nationwide Process Serving Company.  

disabled veteran of war



Process 1

Prepare the Documents: Ensure that all legal documents are properly prepared and contain the necessary information, including the recipient's name and address, details of the case, and the purpose of the service.

Process 2

Identify the Recipient's Location: Accurately determine the location of the person or party to be served, making sure you have the correct address or contact information.

Process 3

Choose a Qualified Process Server: Select a qualified and experienced process server who is knowledgeable about the legal requirements in your jurisdiction. per your preference.

Process 4

Serve the Documents: The process server personally delivers the legal documents to the recipient, ensuring that they understand the significance of the documents.

process 5

Complete Proof of Service: After service, the process server fills out and signs a proof of service or affidavit of service form, detailing how and when the documents were served.

Process 6

File the Proof of Service: The proof of service is filed with the court to officially record that service was completed. This document is essential for the legal proceedings to move forward.

When doing business with Constable Court Services your documents go through a very rigourious 6 step process before your documents are filed with the court and returned to you?

It’s important to emphasize the importance of a rigorous and systematic process when dealing with service of process, as you’ve outlined. Properly serving legal documents is crucial for ensuring that all parties involved in a legal case have been properly notified, and it helps maintain the integrity of the legal system.

The six-step process you’ve described is a standard and logical sequence for serving legal documents, and it’s critical to follow these steps diligently to ensure that the service of process is conducted accurately and in compliance with legal requirements. Each step plays a specific role in making sure the service of process is valid and legally sound.

  1. Preparing the Documents: Accurate and properly prepared legal documents are essential for a successful service of process. This step ensures that the documents contain all the necessary information and comply with legal requirements.

  2. Identifying the Recipient’s Location: Knowing where the recipient can be found is crucial for a successful service of process. This step may involve research and investigation to locate the individual or entity.

  3. Choosing a Qualified Process Server: Selecting a reputable and qualified process server, such as Constable Court Services, is essential. A professional process server is trained in the legal requirements and procedures for serving documents.

  4. Serving the Documents: The process server personally delivers the documents to the intended recipient or a responsible adult at their location. This step must be done following the proper legal methods and guidelines.

  5. Completing the Proof of Service: After the documents have been successfully served, the process server completes an affidavit of service, detailing the date, time, location, and method of service. This affidavit serves as a legal record of the service.

  6. Filing the Proof of Service: The completed proof of service is filed with the court to officially record that service has been completed in compliance with the law. This step is essential to ensure the court has a record of the service.

By following this systematic and rigorous process, you can help ensure that the service of process is legally valid, and your legal case can proceed as intended. Using a professional service like Constable Court Services can provide confidence that these steps are carried out with the required expertise and adherence to legal standards.

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Process servers play a vital role in the legal system by ensuring that individuals receive legal notice and have the opportunity to respond to legal actions. If you are involved in a legal case and need to serve documents, it’s essential to hire a professional and experienced process server to ensure that the service is conducted accurately and in compliance with legal requirements.

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Helping to ensure that the recipients of legal documents interpretation of fairness and due process is properly protected under the 5th amendment


Service Regulations: Process servers in Maryland must adhere to state and local laws governing the service of process. It’s important to be familiar with Maryland’s specific rules and regulations regarding process service.

In Maryland, as in most U.S. states, process servers play a crucial role in the legal system. They are responsible for delivering legal documents to individuals involved in a court case. These documents can include subpoenas, summons, complaints, and other legal notices. Here’s an overview of the process serving in Maryland:

Who Can Serve Process: In Maryland, process servers can be individuals, businesses, or private individuals who are not a party to the case. They must be at least 18 years old and not have a direct interest in the case. The court does not require specific licensing for process servers, but they should be knowledgeable about the relevant laws and regulations.

Serving the Documents: The process server must personally deliver the documents to the named party. This means handing the documents directly to the individual. If the person cannot be located, the documents may be left with another person of suitable age and discretion who lives in the same residence or works at the same business as the named party.

Proof of Service: After serving the documents, the process server must provide a proof of service or affidavit of service, which is a sworn statement describing when, where, and how the documents were served. This proof of service is essential for establishing that the documents were properly delivered.

Court Process Server


Filing court papers electronically, often referred to as "e-filing," is a process by which legal documents are submitted to a court through digital means, typically via the internet. E-filing has become increasingly common in many court systems as it offers several advantages, including increased efficiency, reduced paperwork, and improved access to court records. Here are the general steps to file court papers electronically.

Research and Prepare Documents: First, you need to prepare the documents that you want to file with the court. These could include pleadings, motions, petitions, and any other necessary legal documents. Ensure that your documents comply with court rules and are properly formatted.

Select the Appropriate E-Filing System: Different jurisdictions and courts may use different e-filing systems. You'll need to identify which e-filing system the court you're filing in uses. This information is often available on the court's website or by contacting the court clerk.


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To become a process server in Maryland, there are no specific licensing or certification requirements set by the state itself. However, there are still steps and considerations to keep in mind if you want to become a process server in Maryland:

  1. Age and Legal Status: You must be at least 18 years old and have legal status to work in the United States.

  2. Understand the Laws and Rules: While Maryland doesn't require formal licensing, it's essential to have a strong understanding of the laws and rules governing process service in the state. Familiarize yourself with the Maryland Rules of Civil Procedure, which outline the legal requirements for service of process. It's also a good idea to consult with legal professionals or experienced process servers to gain insights into the local practices and expectations.

  3. Choose a Business Structure: Decide if you want to work as an independent process server or establish a process service business. If you choose to establish a business, you'll need to follow the necessary legal requirements for business registration and taxation in Maryland.

  4. Business Insurance: Consider obtaining liability insurance to protect yourself and your business from potential legal issues or claims related to the service of process.

  5. Network and Gain Experience: Building a network within the legal community can be beneficial. You can establish relationships with law firms, court personnel, and other legal professionals who may require your services. Consider working with an experienced process server to gain hands-on experience.

  6. Obtain Necessary Equipment: Invest in the tools and equipment needed for process service, such as a reliable vehicle, a printer, a computer, and stationery supplies.

  7. Advertise Your Services: Create a professional website or online presence to advertise your services. You can also utilize online directories, such as those maintained by professional associations or legal directories, to make your services more visible.

  8. Establish Pricing: Determine your pricing structure for service of process. Prices may vary based on location, the type of documents being served, and the number of attempts required.

  9. Compliance and Ethical Considerations: Ensure that you conduct yourself ethically and professionally. Respect all legal requirements and maintain confidentiality during the process.

  10. Keep Detailed Records: Maintain accurate records of all your service activities, including dates, times, locations, and recipients, to provide accurate proof of service when required.

While Maryland does not have specific requirements for becoming a process server, adhering to best practices, building a network, and staying informed about the legal landscape in Maryland will help you become a successful process server in the state. Additionally, it's advisable to consult with an attorney or legal professional for guidance and to ensure you are following all relevant laws and rules.


Responsible for helping to collect over

Opioid Litigation
1 Billion+

Dispatching over

Papers served in 2023

1st Nationwide Process Service

Legal Service in Maryland
# 0




  • Litigation Matters
  • Business Disputes
  • Individual Liablity
  • Bank Leins & Levy’s
  • Case Search
  • Wage Garnishments
  • Renters


  • Child Support
  • Divorce Papers
  • Divorce Decree
  • Child Abduction
  • Establishing Paternity
  • Custody
  • Divorce
  • Serving Divorce Papers


  • Tort Law
  • Class Action
  • Property and Probate
  • Contract Disputes
  • Eviction Notice
  • Small Clains
  • Landlord Tenant
  • Order of Protection


  • Age Discrimination
  • Americans with Disabilities
  • Civil Rights Act 1965
  • Civil Rights Act 1991
  • Fair Housin Act
  • Equal Credit Opprotunity
  • Equal Pay Act


  • Probate Claims
  • Probate Tax Sales
  • Probate 
  • Court Filing
  • Living Trust
  • Power of Attorney
  • Subpoena
  • Wills


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Process servers play a vital role in the legal system by ensuring that individuals receive legal notice and have the opportunity to respond to legal actions. If you are involved in a legal case and need to serve documents, it’s essential to hire a professional and experienced process server to ensure that the service is conducted accurately and in compliance with legal requirements.

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