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Investigative Strategy

Using definitive and exact calculations to identify people


Resource Planning

Scrutinize information to prevent duplicated and useless data.


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What Is Skip Tracing and What Is It Used For?

NEVADA SKIP TRACING “Understanding what is skip tracing and what is it used for?” Like Law Enforcement Professionals who use investigative tools and information databases to track information, Skip Tracer Professionals use very similar investigative techniques to accomplish some of the same needs. Most Professional Skip Tracing Agencies are managed by former or retired law enforcement professionals who have attended a law enforcement academy w/ investigative training, and/or have completed an advanced investigative training process which provides them with a formal knowledge of investigative procedure. PROCESS SERVING COMPANY’S DO NOT HAVE THAT SKILL!  In most states Process Servers CAN NOT DO SURVEILLANCE OR ANY OTHER INVESTIGATIVE TASK. Our NEVADA Skip Tracing Service provides the most comprehensive, investigative tracing resource ever engineered. Constable Court Services finds the most elusive people in the world, but skip tracing means so much more to us than just locating people. We are highly skilled PROFESSIONALS with competent investigators who specializing in verifying information accuracy. This is what makes our NEVADA Skip Tracing services incomparable… When we say we are the Industry Leader, you can go check for yourselves how many skip tracing companies who can successfully find bank accounts. Gathering information from a database and selling it to the Client is a long way from being an effective professional in the Skip Tracing Industry. A PROCESS SERVING COMPANY buys information from 2nd and 3rd party vendors who wholesale information for a fee. A 2nd or 3rd party vendor can not confirm the accuracy of the information they are selling. They don’t have the experience to verify or confirm what they have sold to the process serving company. We verify all information that we gather because we locate and stand face-to-face with your party of interest. Dismissing any doubt about the  information we gather on any particular person-of-interest. However, information sharing has evolved louring individuals and “Mom and Pop” shops in the business of becoming a skip tracers. We are called to fix a lot of discrepancies in other cases due to inaccurate information being distributed. Have your case professionally handled by NEVADA Skip Tracing – Constable Court Services. “Serving the Community wherever they may be.” Call today! (888) 364-7774


Standard Skip Trace
$ CALL Per Search
  • Individual Locator
  • Address Confirmation
  • Telephone Listings
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -


Employment Search
$ CALL Per Search
  • Individual Locator
  • Address Confirmation
  • Telephone Listings
  • -
  • Enhanced People Search
  • -
  • -
  • Social Security Validation
  • -
  • Drivers Licence Search
  • Social Media
  • Employment Locator


Bank Account Search
$ CALL Per Search
  • Individual Locator
  • Address Confirmation
  • Telephone Listings
  • Banking Locator
  • Enhanced People Search
  • Criminal Background
  • Bankruptcy/Lien/Judgment
  • Social Security Validation
  • Motor Vehicle Search
  • Drivers Licence Search
  • Social Media
  • Employment Locator

Why Is Skip Tracing Used?

Tracking people has become its own industry as your private information is formulated through credit headers and spending history making you a target for an industry trying to sell your products and people selling your information for profit. Here are some legitimate was your information is used:

  • Law Firms use your information to collect debts that you owe to creditors. They also petition the court to garnish your wages and garnish your bank accounts. 
  • Collect Agencies use skip tracing to contact you at home or at your employment, using tactics to coerce and intimidate you into fulfilling your contract commitment.
  • Fugitive Retrieval and Bail Bondmen Agents use this service to find and locate Defendants who have absconder from appearing in court. Some bonds are secured with real estate but others are secured with cash that is forfeited at the time of the hearing when the Defendant fails to appear. 
  • Journalist use skip tracing software and tools to get information about a story, address of a person of interest, or to fact check a particular series of events. 

All information gather by Constable Court Services goes through the vetting process to validate the validity of the information’s value. Incorrect information has no value and is useless for business. So if you are looking for a person-of-interest give us a call today (888) 364-7774


Categories Where We Provide Skip Tracing Services


  • Litigation Matters
  • Business Disputes
  • Individual Liability
  • Bank Liens & Levy’s


  • Child Support Enforcement
  • Divorce Documents
  • Child Welfare Matters
  • Child Abduction
  • Establishing Paternity


  • Serving Court Documents
  • Violation of Individual Liberties
  • Investigation of Government Sanction Illegal Behavior


  • EEOC Claims
  • Serving Summons & Subpoena’s Involving Discrimination
  • Unfair Housing Issues
  • Unlawful Employment Issues
  • Infringement of Entitlements


  • Probate Claims
  • Notice In Tax Sales/Liens
  • Notice In Foreclosures
  • Landlord / Tenant Issues





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