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Nationwide Skip Tracing
Companies that delay or deny the advancement of information sharing and skip tracing will become archaic and no longer relevant to the industry.



Author: A Barnes (Constable Court Services)

As society continues to progress from the evolution of technology, so will the unique world of information gathering. The process of skip tracing will thrive making the demands for its services advance and grow with it. Constable Court Service is one such company that will continue to position its business to suit the needs for expansion. Companies that delay or deny the advancement of information sharing and skip tracing will soon become archaic and no longer relevant to the industry. Its time to take a serious look into the future. Here are some of the things you will need to know and understand about information gathering. Information is gathered by everyone in today’s society. As social distancing from the Coronavirus (COVID 19) remains a significate factor in the lives of people using the internet as a source of communication, our analyst here at (CCC- Constable Court Services) are taking a more in-depth look at the way people function and communicate when they’re isolated. The tactics and techniques used to survive during the isolation period will prove to be very useful in the way we disseminate information and track locations. However, that will not be shared in this article. What we will share is what Cornell University author Jinyang Li stated about information access and sharing: “Modern online media, such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, enable anyone to become an information producer and to offer online content for potentially global consumption. By increasing the amount of globally accessible real-time information, today’s ubiquitous producers contribute to a world, where an individual consumes vanishingly smaller fractions of all produced content. In general, consumers preferentially select information that closely matches their individual views and values. The bias inherent in such selection is further magnified by today’s information curation services that maximize user engagement (and thus service revenue) by filtering new content in accordance with observed consumer preferences. Consequently, individuals get exposed to increasingly narrower bands of the ideology spectrum. Societies get fragmented into increasingly ideologically isolated enclaves. These enclaves (or echo-chambers) then become vulnerable to misinformation spread, which in turn further magnifies polarization and bias. We call this dynamic the paradox of information access; a growing ideological fragmentation in the age of sharing. This article describes the technical, economic, and socio-cognitive contributors to this paradox, and explores research directions towards its mitigation.” Li, Jinyang The Paradox of Information Access: Growing Isolation in the Age of Sharing 4 Apr 2020  2004.01967 Cornwell Univerity So, if we were to think of things from a social media perspective, most people could understand how pertinent and valuable the information that put out on the information highway would be considered as valuable to companies that sell it. The content that is shared gives the analyst new ideas and funnels for gathering and sharing information. What’s great about social media information is that it it is given freely, most of the material is genuine and authentic and does require a lot of verification. For Constable Court Services, gathering information is far more beneficial than skip tracing alone, we are pioneering new ways to communicate. Thanks for being a part of our vision!



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